Eastern General trading LLC

Eastern General trading LLC i s a dedicated and professional sourcing agent / sourcing office, Asian subcontract manufacturing provider.  we dedicated ourselves to help overseas customers to source high quality products directly from China, India, Taiwan & Indonesians manufacturers. We have experienced engineering, sourcing, quality team and systematic management processes to ensure our sourcing service quality. Because of our professional services we have won good reputations and established long term business relationships with our customers. We work just like your products sourcing office, keep you aware Asian market, suppliers, manufacturing process, factory price, production schedule etc.. We are not manufacturers sales agent, we are buyers'  sourcing representative

Why Choose Eastern:
Our services cover the whole process of product sourcing and outsourcing, negotiations with the suppliers, offer settlement, quality control and shipment, thus building a bridge between your company and the Chinese producers. A highly efficient sourcing team ensures the most favorable prices and consistent high quality with every order. We are your personal sourcing office in China , India, Taiwan and Indonesia

We help you to find best supplier from China, India, Indonesia & Taiwan  and best price, help you do a successful sourcing project. Our experienced engineering team can help you develop new product which are suitable for your market;

Additional Services
Process flow monitoring and on-site quality inspections to make your manufacturing projects in successful.
Conflict management with your suppliers: In case there are any problems with your suppliers, our professional team is there to solve them. Common misunderstandings on account of cultural differences can be easily avoided as we are able to approach conflicts in an active manner.
We have a professional team in YIWU market to help customer to get the new products on best prices, we provide Chinese visa,  house or hotel,  translation, warehouse, inspection of products and ship to the destination port with in the time period.
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